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  • March 14, 2024 6:18 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We're excited to announce that the Bloomington Pickleball Club (BPC) has been spotlighted in the renowned Pickleball Club Magazine. This feature is a testament to our collective commitment to enhancing pickleball's presence in our community, showcasing the importance of civic engagement and partnership in promoting health, fitness, and social connection through the sport.

    Our journey has been propelled by the unwavering dedication of our board members and the enthusiastic participation of every club member. Together, we've embarked on initiatives that deeply integrate pickleball into our community's lifestyle, demonstrating that our engagement goes beyond the sport—it builds a thriving, interconnected community.

    Our collaboration with the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department, aimed at converting tennis courts into dedicated pickleball courts, is a prime example of our proactive approach to improving community sports facilities.

    The feature in Pickleball Club Magazine reflects our dedication to civic engagement and its positive impact on our community. It reinforces our commitment to ensuring that pickleball is accessible to everyone, using the sport as a vehicle for community well-being, and establishing strong partnerships to extend our reach and amplify our impact.

    Looking forward, we are excited about exploring innovative solutions to promote pickleball further, including public-private ventures and enhancing our online presence. Our goal is not just to expand pickleball access and resources for our members but to also enrich the local sports landscape.

    An Invitation to Join Our Journey

    We encourage you to read the full article on the Pickleball Club Magazine's website and celebrate this significant milestone with us. Let's continue to collaborate, engage, and expand our community through pickleball, embracing participation from diverse backgrounds and skill levels.

    A heartfelt thank you to every member of the BPC community. Your passion and engagement are the driving forces behind our success. Together, we are fostering a legacy of health, wellness, and community through the sport we passionately support.

  • December 17, 2023 2:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Advocacy in Action: BPC's Address to City Hall

    In a recent showcase of civic engagement, our Vice Chair, Donnie Young, addressed the Bloomington Parks & Recreation Board Members at City Hall, articulating our club's progress and vision. The meeting, filled with compelling speeches and community voices, also brought us some fantastic news about upcoming improvements at RCA Park. If you didn't get to attend this, please consider watching the video on CATS.

    Voice of the Community: BPC's Vice Chair Donnie Young presents our club's achievements and vision at the City Hall meeting.

    Didn't attend the City Hall meeting? Catch our segment at 21:00 minutes in this video from Community Access Television Services:

    Community Highlights: Celebrating a Year of BPC Achievements

    Our annual member meeting buzzed with ideas and celebration, complemented by delicious Papa John's pizza. We honored outstanding members - Paul Ertel won Best Attendance, Patrick Counts took home the Community Spirit Award, Steven Jackson was named Volunteer of the Year, and Timber Tucker received the Leadership award.

    We're not just about pickleball; we're about people. Thank you for an incredible year, and here's to making 2024 even better!

    Join the movement: Bloomington Pickleball Club.

  • November 15, 2023 2:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    In a candid interview with Sam Hutner, the president and co-founder of Pickleball at IU, we explore his transition from tennis to leading a top-ranked pickleball team. His journey highlights the growth and community spirit of pickleball, a sport that thrives on inclusivity and fun.

    Tennis Roots in Pickleball Play

    Sam's tennis background adds a unique flavor to his pickleball strategy, often bringing in baseline plays and powerful ground shots. These quirks, along with his teammates' playful reminders, exemplify the friendly and adaptive nature of pickleball.

    A Vision for Community and Competition

    With advisor Timber Tucker, Sam is expanding IU's pickleball reach. Their plan focuses on making pickleball accessible to all students, featuring larger play sessions, special events, and maintaining a strong competitive team. Their efforts have led to an impressive team of diverse talents, ready to showcase their skills at the upcoming National Championship.

    Looking Forward to Nationals

    The club's evolution from a small group to a community of over 500 members is a source of pride for Sam. As they head to the National Championship, the team is grateful for the support from the Bloomington Pickleball Club and is excited to represent IU on the national stage.

    Can you share more about your journey from being a tennis player to becoming the president and co-founder of Pickleball at IU?

    My buddies and I founded Pickleball at IU to find new people to play with. We had no real intentions of making it as big as it is today. However, it grew and grew. Through managing the club, we have gained valuable leadership experience that would have been hard to find elsewhere. We also have made so many awesome connections with both other students and members of the Bloomington community, like you all. Some of the closest relationships I have made in my three years at IU have been catalyzed from pickleball.

    There are a couple of nods to my tennis experience that come out when I play pickleball. One of these is that I like to stick back around the baseline, which does not really work well with pickleball. In tense situations, you can often find me creeping back to try to hit passing ground shots instead of getting to the net. Another one is that when I get excited for a higher ball, I revert back to my tennis swings which causes me to mess up a ton of easy put-aways! If you listen closely, you can usually hear Carter yell “Wrist” at me.

    How did your personal experience with pickleball shape the formation of the team?

    I think the best quality about pickleball is its ability to connect people. It brought my high school friends and I closer together and has allowed me to create so many awesome new friendships with such a myriad of people. So, I naturally gravitated towards pursuing a team that embodies this.

    How are you and Timber Tucker planning to grow the program, especially with the development team of 32 players next semester?

    We are pursuing a twofold approach to shape the future of IU pickleball. The ultimate goal is to provide a fun and convenient way to play pickleball. After all, the best part about pickleball is that it is so low-barrier that anyone can play with anyone. To do this, we are working with both IU and other Bloomington leaders to get court space both on campus and indoors. The plan is to provide all students a weekly larger play session and multiple monthly special events like tournaments, networking nights, and social mixers. This will all start this January!

    Another one of the goals is to have a strong competitive team. Currently, we fluctuate between the 8th and 9th overall rankings in the country. As of now, we are looking to create a team of around 32 students, ideally 16 men and 16 women. We currently have 9 on the team, including Mehv, Carter, Thea, and I and the new members I shout out later. We will be practicing Monday and Wednesday nights from 8-10pm throughout the semester at the Crimson Pickle. We have nationals coming up this weekend in Atlanta and the collegiate championships in Indianapolis early January.

    What are your thoughts on the upcoming National Championship, and how is the team preparing for it?

    It is surreal to think that three years ago the club had 20 people. Now, we have over 500 members and are sending a top-ten ranked team to nationals. Since I was a kid, I dreamed of being an IU athlete. It is amazing to see how life plays out. I am blessed to be in this situation.

    We have been having 2-3 weekly practices in preparation for the team. We added some awesome new players, shoutout to Connor, David, Jaden, Merin, and Michael. We are excited to see how it all goes down.

    Thank you to all the members of the BPC that have been cheering us on. It really means the world to the whole team and I. We hope to make you proud this weekend!

    Good luck Hoosiers!

    Watch the team play live:
    DUPR Pickleball National Championships pool play beginning Friday 11/17

    Stream Live from The Crimson Pickle YouTube Channel:


    • 10:00 am IU vs. Auburn
    • 1:00 pm IU vs. Georgia
    • 4:00 pm IU vs. Florida


    • 8:00 am IU vs. Mississippi St.
    • 11:00 am IU vs. Utah Valley
  • November 13, 2023 9:10 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    In our previous article, "BPC & IU Pickleball: The Journey Towards Building a Championship Team“ we had the pleasure of introducing you to the dynamic world of Pickleball through two exclusive interviews from the Bloomington Pickleball Club (BPC). The interviews feature Carter Wittendorf, a nationally-ranked player, and Timber Tucker, the chair of the competition and training committee at BPC. They delve into the team's journey to the National Championship, the balance between academics and sports, team dynamics, and the future of Pickleball at IU.

    Today, we continue the conversation with our third interview featuring the accomplished Mehvish Safdar - A 27-year-old Pakistani-American, Mehvish hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, but now calls Bloomington, Indiana home.

    With an impressive background in tennis, she has smoothly transitioned into the sport of pickleball. As a former 3x Ohio state tennis champion (2x singles, 1x doubles), a top 20 nationally ranked junior tennis player, a 5-star college tennis recruit, and a nationally ranked college doubles player on a nationally ranked college team, Mehvish has always been a fierce competitor. She played DI tennis for the University of Minnesota, demonstrating her commitment and skill on the court.

    We hope these interviews provide you with a deeper understanding of the sport and the dedication, hard work, and camaraderie that goes into building a successful team.

    Enjoy reading!

    Dave Martin

    Can you tell us more about your background and athletic accomplishments in tennis and pickleball?

    My name is Mehvish Safdar – I am a 27-year-old Pakistani-American female, from Cincinnati, Ohio but currently residing in Bloomington, Indiana, and I am a tennis player turned pickleball player! I was a former 3x Ohio state tennis champion (2x singles, 1x doubles), top 20 nationally ranked junior tennis player, 5-star college tennis recruit, and a nationally ranked college doubles player on a nationally ranked college team, having played DI tennis for the University of Minnesota. I am now a 5.0+ pickleball player and a member of the Indiana University Pickleball Club Team which recently won the DUPR Michigan collegiate regional tournament! I am also currently a Ph.D. student at Indiana University aspiring to be a sport psychologist, dedicated to helping athletes improve their athletic performance and overall well-being through providing mental health and mental performance services.

    How was the transition from tennis to pickleball?

    I think my competitive tennis background helped me become a “good” pickleball player quickly, but I soon realized that a competitive tennis background is not enough to be a “great” pickleball player. I am unlearning certain tennis tendencies that actually hurt my pickleball game, while learning the unique technical and tactical skills required for pickleball, in hopes of going from being a good player to a great player. I think the mental skills I developed from playing competitive tennis, which are also necessary in competitive pickleball, have helped me most with my transition from competitive tennis to competitive pickleball!

    How has your experience on the IU Pickleball Club Team been?

    Being on the IU Pickleball Club Team has been such a fulfilling experience thus far, which can be largely attributed to the strong team chemistry, the exciting team format, and the honor that comes with representing the university. We not only have great players and a great coach on our team, but great people, who make it an enjoyable time on and off the court. Also, getting to practice and play mixed doubles, gender doubles, and singles creates an unbeatable practice and competition experience. Lastly, I am grateful to represent another Big Ten school that has provided me with opportunities for personal and professional growth.  

    What does the future hold for you in pickleball?

    I foresee a lot of pickleball in my future! I plan to continue to play on the IU Pickleball Club Team, along with playing PPA and APP events. I am looking forward to our IU Pickleball Club Team playing at the collegiate national championships in Atlanta, Georgia November 17-19th, as well as at the APP collegiate championships in Westfield, Indiana January 4-7.

    Additionally, I plan to continue to play in 5.0+ and/or the pro division at PPA and APP events hosted around the country. While I intend on playing women’s doubles, mixed doubles, and singles at these events, I am most excited to play women’s doubles. My older sister, who is also a former Division I tennis player turned pickleball player, and I plan to continue to team up for these events. I am enthusiastic and dedicated to continuing to develop my game!

    The team will play in the DUPR Collegiate National Championship in Peachtree Corners, Georgia from Nov. 17-19.

    The team will play in the DUPR Collegiate National Championship in Peachtree Corners, Georgia from Nov. 17-19.

    Help send the Pickleball Club at IU-Bloomington to the National Championships!

  • November 03, 2023 10:29 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We're delighted to present to you two insightful interviews from the Bloomington Pickleball Club (BPC). These interviews offer a unique perspective on the sport of Pickleball and its growing prominence at the collegiate level.

    Our first interview is with Carter Wittendorf, a nationally-ranked pickleball player and a major contributor to the team's success. Carter shares his thoughts on the National Championship, balancing academics with pickleball, and the vital role of team chemistry.

    Our second interview is with Timber Tucker, the chair of the competition and training committee at BPC. Timber's involvement with IU's Pickleball team began due to a conflict around public court usage. He discusses the current team's dynamics, his contribution to the team's preparation for the National Championship, and the future of Pickleball at IU with the establishment of a development team next semester. He also shares his thoughts on the challenges and plans in getting pickleball recognized as an official club sport at IU.

    We hope these interviews provide you with a deeper understanding of the sport and the dedication, hard work, and camaraderie that goes into building a successful team.

    Enjoy reading!


    Dave Martin

    The team will play in the DUPR Collegiate National Championship in Peachtree Corners, Georgia from Nov. 17-19.

    The team will play in the DUPR Collegiate National Championship in Peachtree Corners, Georgia from Nov. 17-19.

    BPC Interview Questions For Carter Wittendorf

    As a nationally-ranked pickleball player at such a young age, what are your expectations going into the National Championship?

    Things like rankings and ratings can really only tell you so much about players and I would never create expectations solely off those. At the regional event that our team went to, we saw plenty of players with no ratings whatsoever that were fantastic! The collegiate league is filled with a lot of talent and tough competition. Even so, our team has been putting in a lot of work that I believe is paying off and is setting us up to make some waves at nationals!

    How do you manage your time between your academic responsibilities and your commitment to the team?

    For me, it really comes down to creating chunks of time each day for both school and the team. Typically, I try to complete most of my work during the day so that my nights are free for practice. Currently, we have team practices on Monday and Wednesday nights that are mostly dedicated to drilling, working on technique, and employing new strategies, but we also play other nights of the week just to make sure we’re getting a good amount of actual play-time in. 

    Can you share your thoughts on how the team's chemistry has contributed to its success?

    Good chemistry amongst the team is essential to success. Having positive relationships not only lightens the mood and makes the play more fun during practices and recreational play, but also makes it easier for the team to dig itself out of tough spots during real matches. Sometimes all it takes to come back from a deficit during a game is a little encouragement and I think that we’ve created a fun and supportive environment that does this well.

    BPC Interview Questions For Timber Tucker

    As the chair of the competition and training committee at the Bloomington Pickleball Club, how did your involvement with IU's Pickleball team begin?

    There was a little bit of conflict around public court usage at RCA park. Bloomington and IU have the same problem with lack of court space. On weekends the IU students often come to RCA to play, putting more pressure on the courts. I was asked to work with them to find ways we could all live together

    What are your thoughts on the current team's dynamics and their performance so far?

    Well we are undefeated in seven matches so it’s hard to complain about our start! We’ve had the good fortune to have a few really good players, but not its about building depth in the program. That work starts in the spring semester with the beginning of our developmental program

    Given your experience, how are you contributing to the team's preparation for the National Championship?

    They are very nice to me and call me “coach” but that's not really accurate. I’m really contributing by helping with organization. There are lots of moving parts and my job is to help guide them through that. Mostly I make sure they have clean uniforms and stay hydrated  

    How do you see the future of Pickleball at IU, especially with the establishment of a development team next semester?

    We are trying to do something special here and dream big. There are over 600 students in the club right now, the vast majority of them won’t play in the developmental program. They just want to go out and have some fun. Pickleball is mostly about an opportunity to be social. That’s the main reason it has exploded post pandemic. I think it can be a key to helping students manage stress. Getting some exercise and meeting friends is a great combo to help with your mental health!

    At the same time the travel teams will bring a lot of attention to our sport on campus. My dream is to be the leader in the Big 10 and beyond  in building a winning program and having lots of fun along the way.

    What challenges do you foresee in getting pickleball recognized as an official club sport at IU, and how are you planning to overcome them?

    IU has been great with helping us navigate the process. It wont be long before we are a full club sport  That comes with some nice perks, but really we will just keep doing what we are doing to grow the sport on campus  

    Anything else you want me to include?

    We are still raising $ for nationals and spring events. Please donate using the button below!

    Send the Pickleball Club at IU-Bloomington to the National Championships!

  • October 27, 2023 9:46 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Now that the colder weather is upon us, there are several indoor pickleball options available in Bloomington, Indiana.

    Monroe County YMCA Adult Pickleball - You can play from 8am-10am at the Southeast YMCA, where two courts with portable nets are available. The game is open to beginners and experienced players, and it is FREE for Y members.

    Twin Lakes Recreation Center–City of Bloomington offers indoor pickleball every weekday from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Admission is $8 per day, but if you're a member of Twin Lakes Recreation Center, you can participate for free.

    The Crimson Pickle - For a more immersive experience, consider joining "The Crimson Pickle" from January 9th onwards. This venture, run by Timber Tucker, will feature eight state-of-the-art courts and will operate for nine months to a year as a trial run for a potential permanent facility.

    The goal of "The Crimson Pickle" is to understand the types of programming that the people of Bloomington are interested in, such as leagues, ladders, tournaments, lessons, and so on.

    While the details are still being finalized, it's likely that there will be a monthly membership fee of around $15, plus court fees of approximately $3 per hour.

  • August 04, 2023 2:56 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Are you looking for an opportunity to promote your business or organization in the Bloomington, Indiana area? Look no further! The BPC is proud to offer banner space sponsorship at RCA Park.

    For just $1,500 a year, you can become one of our featured event sponsors and receive a banner on a dedicated court at RCA Park. You'll also get some great exposure with a mention at all club events.

    We’re also offering a website sponsorship for just $250 a year. Logo placement on our website and verbal recognition at all club events.

    And lastly, our sponsor wall package is just $500 a year and includes a 2’ x 4’ logo banner on the wall of sponsors, plus premiere signage and verbal recognition at all club events.

    It's easy to get started. Just contact us via email at

    We look forward to working with you to make your sponsorship a success! So don't miss out on this great opportunity - become a BPC banner sponsor now!

    Learn more on our Sponsorship page:

  • June 15, 2023 3:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    What is your level? This is a great video that walks through court/play expectations at each level. Knowing your appropriate level will help you have more enjoyable games on the court. If you have questions, let us know, we have a team of members who can help you find your level.

  • May 15, 2023 7:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Bloomington Pickleball Club learned of the passing of one it's beloved members, Doug Kenfield. Doug passed away after being involved in a car accident on his way to Bloomington, IN on the afternoon of May 12th, 2023.

    Doug was a profoundly loved man who was surrounded by those who adored and revered him. He is remembered by his caring wife of 20 years, Susan, his children Tricia (Shane), Mel (Rachel), Paul, Katie (Josh), Sam (Amanda), Bethany (Ryan), Taylore (Joey), Hannah (Nick) and his 16 grandchildren. Doug is also remembered by his stepmother June Kenfield, as well as his late father and mother, Glennard Paul Kenfield and Norma Jean Kendall, and sister Karen and brother Glennard (Susan).

    Doug was an intelligent, thoughtful, devoted, and highly accomplished man. He deeply loved his family, none more than his wife, Susan. He was known for his successful dentistry practice of 40 years in Spencer, IN. Coworkers and patients alike found Doug to be a source of warmth and positivity throughout the years. Doug was a perpetual student, committing his time to honing new skills, perfecting his hobbies, and even learning new languages. He studied Spanish and Chinese and was in the midst of learning French. Doug was musically inclined, too, known for playing his guitar for his friends and family. He was a skillful pilot who owned his own private twin-engine plane that could be regularly seen flying overhead the Bloomington area. Doug was also an avid pickleball player. He and Susan built not one, but two pickleball courts at their home in Gosport, IN. Doug loved Indiana University sports, through the ups and the downs. Doug was a spiritual man and devout in his strong faith in Christ. He and Susan attended Lifeway Baptist Church in Ellettsville, IN.

    Doug was an impressive individual by nearly any measure, but above all else, he was a tremendously loyal friend, loving partner to Susan, warmhearted father to all his children, and aspirational role model to those near him. His memory will live on through those he touched and he will never be forgotten.

    A memorial service for Doug will be held at Lifeway Baptist Church in Ellettsville, IN on Thursday, May 18th from 3 - 6pm. In lieu of flowers or gifts, Doug’s family asks that donations be made to the Pickleball Club of Bloomington in his honor.

Bloomington Pickleball Club
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We promote the growth of Pickleball in the Bloomington, Indiana area by developing and enhancing recreational and competitive play at our public courts. We aim to provide a positive and accessible experience to our entire community!

Bloomington Pickleball Club is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization.

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