BPC Partners

At the Bloomington Pickleball Club (BPC), we believe in the power of collaboration to foster a vibrant and inclusive pickleball community. Our partnerships with local organizations and facilities play a crucial role in promoting the sport across Bloomington. Discover more about our esteemed partners and the positive impact of our joint efforts.

The Crimson Pickle

The Crimson Pickle stands as a pillar of our partnership efforts, offering a premier indoor facility that guarantees pickleball action regardless of the weather. This collaboration allows us to extend our programming into the colder months, ensuring that the pickleball fun never stops. The Crimson Pickle’s dedication to professional event management and high-quality programming complements our community-driven mission, providing a home for our winter leagues, open plays, lessons, and special events. Together, we’re setting the standard for indoor pickleball excellence in Bloomington.

City of Bloomington Parks & Recreation Department

Our collaboration with the City of Bloomington Parks & Recreation Department is foundational to our mission. This partnership ensures access to top-quality outdoor and indoor facilities, enabling us to host a wide range of pickleball programs year-round. From beginner clinics to competitive leagues, the support from the Parks & Recreation Department enhances the quality and accessibility of pickleball for all residents. Their commitment to maintaining premier pickleball venues underscores the city’s dedication to health, wellness, and community engagement.

IU Pickleball Club

The IU Pickleball Club brings together students, faculty, and staff of Indiana University with a shared passion for pickleball. Our partnership focuses on intergenerational play, fostering a unique exchange of skills and enthusiasm between IU members and the broader Bloomington pickleball community. Together, we organize clinics, social events, and friendly competitions that enrich the collegiate and city-wide pickleball landscape, bridging the gap between generations and promoting a lifelong love for the sport.